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Recovering alcoholic.


This is an account of my personal relationship with my alcoholic husband. When we met he told me he was a recovering alcoholic but I didnít understand what that meant. I had been raised in a home where that did not exist. My husband had told me that he was only one beer away from going back to his past but I still did not understand. He had been sober for 7 years when we meet. How can someone just go back with one single beer. Now I understand. This is the last problem I thought Iíd ever face. Weíll I am facing it, its been four years of it now. The way he talked about others who were alcoholics was so negative I never in my wildest dreams thought he would become one of them again. I had sat on the back burner while he tried to rescue other alcoholics and even jeopardized or marriage and his unborn son to save others. Less than a year later he was the one needing saving. He was always calling me his hero; I guess that is what I am to him. Iím always holding my breath and trying to save us from destruction.If you are contemplating getting married to an alcoholic this is a must read. At least you will know what youíre in for upfront and not be ignorant like I was.