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Physical affects on everyone.


The mental stress is only one aspect of what the alcohol does to the human body. Aging is much faster on all those who deal with an alcoholic; even the alcoholic suffers from this as well. Good old stress can be thanked for this one. Loss of self-esteem, both suffer here as well. Why try to keep yourself up with you have been brought down so low that looking in the mirror disgust you.  The face looking back at you is so filled with hurt, depression, worry and anger that you don’t care if tomorrow even comes. You hopes and dreams are gone, you loose interest in doing anything but what you have to. You only do what you are forced to do to keep food and clothes on the table. Your smile has been lost somewhere in the past. You look but can’t find any reason to smile. You pray, you cry, but nothing seems to help ease your pain. You might say “your life is a living hell” but you have to push on for your family and kids. This is the life of the spouse of an alcoholic. Makes you wonder why commercials make it looks so peaceful and desirable? If the truth were told, it is anything but desirable.