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Finding help


Finding help is easy; there are books, psychologist, doctors, clinics and family. The real help comes from the alcoholic, what he is willing to do to make things normal for his family. What he is willing to give up to bring some sanity to himself and his family. If they donít want to quit its all just a waste of time. I hate to say this but it really is up to them. You canít change them, only they can. Below are some links to some books that may help you confront the problem and deal with it.


Books to help you understand and cope with alcoholics. Buy both new or used books.

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Beyond the Influence: Understanding and Defeating Alcoholism


Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism


Sober for Good: New Solutions for Drinking Problems -- Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded


Love First: A New Approach to Intervention for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction (A Hazelden Guidebook)


Children of Alcoholism (Perennial Library)


Alcoholism: The Genetic Inheritance


Anger, Alcoholism, and Addiction: Treating Individuals, Couples, and Families


Video tape and DVDs


Alcohol & Alcoholism (1991)


20th Century: Alcoholism in America (2001)


Disease of Alcoholism (1991)

Here is some additional resources for books and video's to help understand and deal with alcoholism. Please be patient these pages take a few moments to load.Find books and videos