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The Civil War Undertaker

What I Do

Welcome To My Website

I have been doing Civil War reenacting since May 2002 mostly in New York State. I am a living history reenactor which means I actually live, cook, sleep and portray my persona in the Living History portion of reenactment camp. In 2004 I joined the Civil War Heritage Foundation. Most recently, in 2009, I joined Shadows of the Old West a Wild West group complete with guns fights, saloons and the occasional train robbery.

Brief History of Embalming and Civil War Undertaking

*~About Dr. Beaurgard W. Addams.~*

Disclaimer: Dr. Beauregard W. Addams, M.S., C.S.A., is a fictional character and is not based on anyone who actually lived during the American Civil War. There are those that would argue that field embalming was purely a Northern practice, however, Southern Undertakers and Embalmers DID exist at the time of the Civil War. There are no records that the Diuguid's went out into the battelfields but who's to know for sure if other, less-known professional brethen of the Diuguid's did not make the effort on their own. Using this knowledge and the possibility that such people could have existed, recorded or not, Beauregard was created as a representative of a Southern Embalming Surgeon that could have been. In creating this persona, I have tried my utmost to keep him historically accurate to the time period while still having fun and being original.

In March of 1862, Dr. Addams were ousted from his plantation during the Battle of First Winchester, at which time he lost everything in a fire. This set him on the move, traveling with one group of military to the next, wherever Beau's medical and embalming services were needed most.

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