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Wily Bot Roadtrip

Welcome to the Home of Wily Bot Roadtrip. This comic was inspired by various other sprites comics, most of which are Mega Man. Specific inspirations are Jailhouse Blues and Dogadon Adeventures Redux. (Let's make some cra~a~zy money!) Both of the aforementioned sprite comics can be found at Bob and George. So far, I don't have much to show, but when I make more strips, boy oh boy will you be amazed!

March 3, 2005: Wow. First update of 2005 and we're already a sixth of the way done with it. New MSPB.

The Fantastic Filler
Hostess Fruit Pies
Not everyone loves the Homsestar Runner afterall.
Are you a bad enough dude?
Unsolved Mysteries
A Bad South Park Parody

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Things to Remember.