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The Small Ray Of Sunshine That Is Webdings!
Hi there, may I take this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for joining us...OK formalities out the way, on with the show.
I am updating this site a lot more, planning games pages, more band pages, and, you know, other general funky stuff. If you have any idea what you'd like to see email me. And don't pretend you're not there cos I know you are, an average of 4 of you every day (score!). Anyway feel free to have a look round and scorn me for anything that's slightly out-of-date. I know I know, I'm very sorry.

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Stuff To Do, Things To See
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The Webdings! GuestMap is here, as well as it being a normal guestbook, you can pin where you are on the map! Click on CONTACT to sign it.

Tell Your Mates
The most important thing at the moment for me is getting people to know about Webdings so I would really appreciate it if you told all your friends about it. You just need to send them an email and what could be an easier way than by using the Pass-it-on button on the CONTACT page?

I have had a few reports of broken links or images. If you see any then please let me know so I can sort it out. Have fun around my website! Abbie xxx