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Photo Gallery
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"The Web Foot Flotilla's"

Photo Gallery

Here are some great pictures of members of "The Web Foot Flotilla" and friends as we take part in living history presentations and other events.

Robert Small Commemorative Event
Charleston and Beauford, SC
May 11 - 13, 2002

 Ben_Hawley_Mel_Turner_Fred_Minus__Byron_Childress_at_Smalls_House_Beauford_SC.jpg (116343 bytes)    Bust_of_Robert_Smalls.jpg (95776 bytes)    Byron_sharing.jpg (85994 bytes)     Fred_Minus.jpg (84543 bytes)    DollyFredByron.jpg (74737 bytes)     Wreath.jpg (102846 bytes)    Dolly_At_Gravesite.jpg (91298 bytes)    ByronPresentation.jpg (77980 bytes)    group_at_moultrie.jpg (120732 bytes)


Aboard the USS Constellation Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

Tom_Davis__Byron_with_Constellation_crew_members.jpg (58225 bytes)    Tom_Davis_on_the_Gun_Deck2.jpg (31531 bytes)

U.S.C.T. Institute Conference, September 21, 2002, National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, PA

Mr.DudleySeaman_B._Childress_Dean_Harry_B.Mathews_and_Seaman_T.jpg (20440 bytes)    WFF_Group_Photo2.jpg (19493 bytes)


Canal Fest 2002 Delaware City, Delaware, Sept. 22, 2002


childress.jpg (26958 bytes)    Minus.jpg (25589 bytes)

"Battle on the Beach" Asbury Park, New Jersey, November 8, 2002

      F._Minus__B._Childress_Asbury_Pk_2002.jpg (51890 bytes)       Civilians_in_period_dress.jpg (58171 bytes)        Rebs_Counter_Attack_Asbury_Park_2002.jpg (38061 bytes)    USCT_Troops_prepare_to_charge_Asbury_Park_2002.jpg (33281 bytes)



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