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Welcome to the Home of 
"The Web Foot Flotilla".

Over 18,000 Men and 11 Women of Color Served in the Union Navy during the Civil War

Black Civil War Sailors

The mission of "The Web Foot Flotilla" is to inform the public of the history and service of the men and women of color who served in the racially integrated United States Navy during the Civil War.  It is important that we keep this history alive so that it is not forgotten.

African American Sailors served along side of white sailors on almost all of the vessels of the Civil War Union Navy.  Here sailors are seen relaxing during leisure time aboard the USS Miami.


We will come to your 
School, Church, Historical Society, Civil War 
Round Table, Business or Meeting Place.  
We will perform living history presentations  
on the history and service of Black Sailors
during the Civil War.

For more information Contact us at 

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