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Jane's Attack Squadron

You might have noticed that this sim isn't on the list of excellent combat flight sims on the main page. There are many reasons for this. First, it was as if the creators of this game packaged an incomplete product and put it on the selves. It has a large land area but no map, so you don't really know where you are. Second, the graphics aren't the best. Sure, the planes look like what they're supposed to, but the lines aren't very smooth. The graphics in Jane's World War Two Fighters are better than this sim. Another thing is that a little bullet-hole forms where a bullet hits your plane. This gets pretty pathetic when hundreds of bullet-holes pepper the bottom of your plane, but it keeps flying like nothing had happened. Lastly, the aircraft have some strange flight characteristics, like the bombers being super manuverable. Some good things are the terrain, which looks really good, you get to fly four bombers and ten fighters, and you can man a gunner position on the bombers. Other than that, it was a waste of my money to buy this sim. It has smeared the fine name of Jane's.

As can be seen here, the terrain in JAS is pretty good. Only at low altitude does the ground seem to look fake. Here is a P-38 over the Alps, which are nicely done if you can find them (there's no map in this sim).

One of the bombers you can fly and man guns on. This sim is unstable and takes so much memory that having just a few planes flying at once makes it freeze, at least on my computer.