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IL-2 Sturmovik

Very nice! Well, at least if you have a nitrogen-cooled brain-in-a-box. I bought this game for $40. It doesn't do too well on my computer, even with the graphics and everything turned down. It runs well in quick missions, but campaigns are a different story. You can fly 31 different aircraft and aircraft variants of German, Russian, and American aircraft. It takes place on the Russian Front. The landscape, aircraft, and ground targets are done beautifully. There are also new add-ons coming out that will add new aircraft and missions. The gameplay is good and the graphics are great, that is if you can get it running without smashing your computer from frustation!

An Fw-187 goes down in flames. There are many strange and unusual planes in this sim that you usually don't see in other sims.

One thing I like about this game is the tracers. It's neat to watch them rip into the target and send it into a huge fireball.

Like I said, the graphics lay the smack down. This is an I-16, one of the non-flyable planes in the original game. Many add-ons can be used to expand the game.