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European Air War

Like WW2 Fighters, European Air War came out in 1998. This is also another excellent sim thatís fairly cheap, but hard to get. Unfortunately, mine doesnít work on my computer. The player gets to fly twenty different aircraft and variants of American, British, and German aircraft. The graphics arenít as good as WW2 Fighters and it shows. Iíve heard gameplay is good and the campaigns arenít restricted like WW2 Fighters.

I wouldn't want to go into all that flak! You can fly during the Battle of Britian or later in the war. I'd love to be one of the few.

The landscape in EAW is very well down and is said by many to be better than some tank simulations.

An Fw-190 peels away after an attack on some B-17s. Add-ons are numberous and can really make this game awesome.