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Blohm und Voss 141

This poor deformed aircraft was designed and built as a result for a requirement for a short-range reconnissence and support aircraft. Focke Wulf and Blohm und Voss responded with two unusual designs. Focke Wulf submitted the Fw 189, a twin-engine, twin-boom aircraft, in other words, the same type of design as the P-38. Blohm und Voss submitted the Bv 141, which is a hard design to describe, so see the picture above. It had a crew of three and would have been used in the role of night-fighter and night-bomber. The Luftwaffe officials disregarded the Bv 141 as a mutant and turned it down even though it was faster and had a better range than the Fw 189. The Fw 189 was put into production and several examples of the Bv 141 were built and used over Britian and Russia, but nothing came from it. The Bv 141 was just too ambitious for it's time and would have performed well if it had been put into production.