Autumn Acid

Acid Leaves This is just a collection of stuff i've decided to pile here, mainly for my own amusement, and possibly yours. I feel like I should explain myself. It's mostly crap. Yes, I say mostly crap, because not everything here is my original work. Most of it is. The writing, the poetry, the furcadia maps were all done by me. I didn't do the patches though, or at least, the graphics I did do aren't original. They're butchered bits of other people's work. I'd give credit where credit is due, except I don't have the credits for the original artists. If I do, they'll be stuck up there somewhere with the work I did. Anyway...

If you keep up to date with all my shit here (and you don't) you'll know I updated the furcadia section with further detail on the maps. Click on the photo of a map to see more screenshots of it, and more information. Fun stuff.

Imagery is updated, with photography both by myself and others. If it sucks, I took the picture. If it's awesome, someone else took it. If i'm in the picture, I didn't take it. If you didn't figure that out, get out now.

Go With Yourself