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What’s cooler that video games? Well, yea I know, skating, but still.there are lots of Final Fantasy VII pics, as well as FFX, so be sure to check it out. I’m also working on some Zelda and Metroid stuff, so we’ll see how it goes.

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is one of the longest and best known RPG franchises in the world. It all started with a small company called square in the late 1980’s. Things were not looking too good. As a last resort, they took a gamble. They decided to make a game that resembled Enix’s successful “Dragon Warrior” Rpg game, and called it “Final Fantasy”. Final Fantasy was an instant classic… from there on out its history. Final Fantasy currently is one of the running strongest franchises, with Final Fantasy XI coming out soon. Most of the stuff on here is on FF VII and X, but I’ll try to put up some other stuff as well.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy X