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Rockin' like a Renegade...

Clan Achievements

Behind the scenes - Greg - aka Desperado

G & L, Damn Fine Couple
Greg, Andy & Ash
Desperado's Got Game
NEW Greg & Crew @ BSD
NEW Greg, L, Andy & Group on BSD

In the time I've come to know Iceman, aka Desperado, I've learnt afew valuable things. If at first you do not succeed, try try again. He has entered the clan and worked his way up the stats sheet methodically, he's a machine. He only gets better with time and that's something that thrills me and the rest of the clan. This guy is going to be a lethal weapon, if he isn't already. His accuraccy and kills continue to grow with each encounter. He'd be the first to say that his teammates have helped him get there, but frankly he found his skill and progressed it single-handedly. As we continue to grow in numbers and skill, the Iceman Greg, continues to show why he needs little assistance to get the job done.

Fav Quote of Desperado - "Dya... Dya."

*Profile, by Batman*