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Just don't say, 'Bite Me!'

Clan Achievements - Ryan - aka Damien

Behind the scenes - Ryan - aka Damien (incomplete)

Bite Me.. be-atch (download)
All Smiles (download)

Out of all the tantrums I've seen, there are few that rival the hissy-fits of several women. Above the loud music and communications with group memebers... there was a distinct cry and shriek of frustration, and I quote...

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH, who the hell is Venom Q?! And someone get him to quit shooting us!!!" - Distressed Victem of Damien. (Andreas's Note - Damien's Nickname was formerly Venom Q... -End note.)

Ryan's unmatched Sniper skill from the old days mixed with the ground awareness his experience has given him a considerable advangate over any poor foe who would dare take up a sniper's battle across the second floor of the compound. Ryan's skill has seemed to always come naturally and without outside development. A remarkably loyal and funloving team mate, Ryan enjoys covering his teammates backs, while they duck and dodge their outnumbering opponents until Ryan levels the playing field for them. I speak for us all, when I say that his skills have saved each of us at one occassion or another, and we're quite happy to have Damien as a founder, rather than an opponent.

"You never knew what life was, until it ran out in a red gush over your lips." Damien, 2002.