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Trouble-makin' Canadian Bacon

Clan Achievements - Jason - aka SexyChaos

Behind the scenes - Jason

Behind The Screens By Jason Scott

As a founding father Jason Scott AKA "SEXY CHAOS" finds himself an honourable combatant in a team of warriors. known to frequently take hits for his team-mates Jaycee never lets his partners down.
quite often we have seen Jason litterally walk right up to a person that is blatantly cheating in the maze... and hold them down while people give the cheaters a taste of theyre own medicine.
this member can seriously move if he wants. and his fighting style only shows two consistency's... you lose. he wins. Jason is the most adaptive member of the team. switching from sniper to close range frenzy in the blink of an eye.
he is deadly. he is chaotic... and yes... he's sexy. he is the one. the only... (thank god!) SEXY CHAOS!

"When life hands you lemons... take them to the nearest bridge and hurl them at cars." Jason, 2002.
"what do you mean "self dubbed" I AM the BITCHINSHIZNIT!" jaycee 2003