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The Dark Knight... unmasked

Clan Achievements - Andreas - aka Batman

Behind the scenes - Andreas - aka Batman

Andreas at Graduation. Squinty eyes!!
ANDY with JAMIL on New Years 2003!!!
NEW oooOOOoooo Toughness...
NEW If White People were black.. and knew what the hell they were doing...
Lucky Bastard. (Thanks for taking the pic Liz) HEAVEN
Andy, Greg, L & Crew

As a Founding Father of the Self Advocates, Andreas Finn has always been a fore-runner in our ranks. Quick, agile, deadly and honourable. These words describe our benevolent leader well.
Since the clan's founding andy has been a natural leader at every given chance. His quiet words of encouragement and his uncanny ability to rally his best men (and women)into what i like to call a "feeding frenzy" brings a sense of commerodery and kinship to the clan. While at the same time delivering a solid blow to the opposition's morale, and of course their courage.
He's doesnt have the mantle of the dark-knight for no reason. He's a leader and a lone wolf, thriving best when hunting solo. A warrior and a detective. He's Andreas Finn the batman. leader of THE SELF ADVOCATES!*

*(Profile written by Sexy Chaos)

"Before deciding to act, ask yourself... If I end up in the worst case scenario, will it have still been worth my while?" - Andreas Finn.