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~Anarqist Rule~

Clan Achievements - Trevor - aka Anarqist

Behinds the Scenes - Trevor (not completed)

TREVOR... ... Sup Dawg! Zeta Psi in da House!
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Lethal, accurate and thrilled to be imposing his anarchist rule over the common folk. He is a blonde, but don't let that fool you... (sorry Trev, I had to). As mentioned above, Trevor is the only clan member to ever outscore clan leader. Trevor and Andreas placed Respectively 1st and 2nd, both of them, more than doubling 3rd places score. As a natrual sniper, trevor finds himself comfortably standing in several key sniper holdups and never fails to disappoint his opponents with several quick accurate bursts of fire, leaving them down and out. Working in teams, trevor can best be appreciated for his ability to cover his teammates half way, or all the way across the room, while they find matters complicated under heavy fire. He has contributed much quickly, proving to be a real team player who individually accells as well. Thus making him a welcome new addition, to the veteran core of an established clan.