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Pictures From the Custom Car Show

A 1970 Camaro SS

A 1964 Corvette

A Ford F-350

An original Beetle all done up

A Mustang BOSS 302

A reproduction of a Shelby Cobra

A Lamborgini Diablo

A Ford Focus Done up

The jet engine of a drag racer!

No idea what it is but it looks niiiiiiice

An early 90's Mustang

A 60 something Mustang convertable

The Panoz Le Mans Car

The Judge!

An early 90's Mustang with a 302 with 2 turbo chargers on it (see below)

The engine of the above Mustang

A 1969 Corvette Stingray with a 427

One of the original Dodge Vipers

No idea what it is but it was in the National Post!

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