Richard's & Heidi's Wedding Videos





Video note: Sometimes it's best to click play and click pause straight away and give the video some time to load. After a couple of miuntes or so, click play again.

I was presented, wave upon wave, with a whole kaleidoscope of happenings and memories that were so vivid and so alive; so vibrant, startling and clear; so emotionally, physically and spiritually uplifting that I realized, with wonder, that the events and scenes taking place were surging ahead of those old childhood memories and singing at the top of their voice… Here is life!

And this, although we had planned our wedding meticulously for over a year, was totally and joyously unexpected.

Richard's Blog August 2007 describing his and Heidi's wedding day.


Face book videos are much better quality and so I have provided a link to them under each YouTube video as I cannot embed them on this site. They sometimes stop halfway in the middle of the video and if you click on the bottom, you can get it to play to the end. You will have to sign up to Facebook and become our friend to see them... and if you're not in Facebook yet, what are you waiting for? It's really time you should!!!


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Ceremony & Ritual
Part One

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Ceremony & Ritual

Part Two





Josh's Wedding Video Part One


Josh's Wedding Video Part Two



Richard & Heidi backstory

The video below was played for family and friends and guests
as they came in for the wedding dinner

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Theatre, Film & the White House

Richard Willis's Facebook profile