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Citizenship- The Final Entry

A Christmas Card from Central Park

Summer 2006: The Next Part, The Next Adveture & Flying Cars

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Letters from the West to the Dying Sun

Mr Willis goes to Washington

The Ice Palace

I'd rather be in Philadelphia

Summer 2004

Tour Endgame

Northern Lights

Iago 'I am not what I am"

Black Out

The Emerald City

Westward Ho!

Florida and Key West

Bermuda 2003


Perchance to Dream

Aquila Tour 2002/03 begins

Brooklyn Life


Our revels now are ended

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The Fall tour 2001

September 11th

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June 2001-arrival and first impressions

Richard first came to New York in May 2001
to play Don Pedro in Aquila Theatre Company's
production of Much Ado About Nothing,
at the Off-Broadway 45 Bleeker Street
Theatre. June 28th -September 16th 2001.
He then went on to play Prospero in The Tempest
for Aquila in a tour of the States through the Autumn
and the Spring 2002.