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Welcome to Stage 5 Floor 44 the fanfiction archive of one Meredith (Acquiesce) and two Torra (Duckie Queen), currently being revamped and updated.

  • The layout, plot ideas, fictional characters and fictional places belong to Torra and Meredith and theft will not be tolerated.
  • No taking any of the work here without permission and no stealing it and claiming it as your own or copying parts, places or characters.
  • Everything here is fictional, meaning it never took place and none of the situations are real. If you have a problem with any problems featured leave and don't complain to us, this is our site and I'm sure you people arn't that stupid.
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  • There will be separate disclaimers with each section to show ownership of plot, characters and places as well as what does not belong or know us personally like bands and members.

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