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: : : :  para mi novio quien amo
for: ben, who(m) i love

Laura Meer,2002

i look through the rain (it's been here as long as i can remember; seems like forever), and i see someone walking toward me.
i've waited so long for him, but never really expected him.
he takes me in his arms (it's the most wonderful thing) and almost squeezes the life out of me.
but i'm still here, and i actually live, or i now believe.
and i only breathe, drink, see you.
but i ignore it all around me.
and I embrace what i'd thought i always wanted. or something like that.
but i didn't when i did.
and it starts again.
and everything's the same.
so i go inside.
it's so different.
but i don't want to face it. and i won't.
so i return to the only thingi know.
and eventually the rain and it all stops.
and i once again embrace what i've always needed.
but now it is. and i experience.
and i now awake from thsi shadow dream.
and there's a quick eternal light.
it now isn't forever, but it now is.
now here's you. and all of this forever.

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