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life story #346

life story #346

Once there was a boy
His bony knuckles came rapping on my door
I kept it locked and stood away from the windows
The hallways echoed with the racket
So I undid the bolt and looked through the crack
He stuck one finger in
I opened the door wide, stretched my arms out and stood on my toes
But he had run far from view
I called
I screamed at the top of my godamnlungs
For you to come back here this instant and clean up the mess you made
Damn it
I mean, the really mangled things inside of me.
Come back here.
So he came, but I still cried every night
The television glowed and I did not sleep a wink
I though it was butterflies but it was just an ulcer
Or the pork that he fixed for breakfast
So I cried some more until he made me tell him to leave
Get out I said
And everything was just very silent
I had let a child into my house, and he had known it all along.

I wanted to play connect-the-dots on you
Across your right cheek and down your neck
Declining the collar bone, circling your chest
I didnít have a pen though
I needed a big violent permanent marker.

my chic katie wrote this
and was nice enough to let me borrow it.
i think it's the best.

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