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Vicious(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Vicious
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Height: unknown
Eyes: black
Hair: silvery blonde
Home: unknown

Spike's old enemy, who hides a madness inside

An executive in the Red Dragons, he is Spike's most dangerous enemy. He was once Spike's good friend; they fought together and had a friendly rivalry. It seems that several years ago, jealousy over a woman named Julia tore them apart.

Since he has a combative, bloodthirsty personality, he is in a tenuous conflict with the more moderate Red Dragon executives. He is very traditional, and seems to harbor dissatisfaction with the commercializing syndicate. Furthermore, he never trusts anyone, and will kill his underlings without even batting an eyelash. It is uncertain whether he is like this by nature, or if he bacame so bloodthirsty because of the matter with Spike. He always wears a cutaway coat, and his pet bird always perches on his shoulder.

The demonic smile Vicous has seems to bear witness to the violence in his heart. His old-school way of thinking is reflected even in the weapon he uses. The katana he favors is extraordinarily long and he has survived many fights and battles solely with this blade. Since his skills with the sword are superb, there have been times when he has invaded an enemy syndicate on his own and used nothing but the katana to cut down his enemies.