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Tobias Randolph Ashcroft(CJ/Nomad)

Name: Tobias Randolph Ashcroft
Nick Name(s): Toby, Metalhead
Age: 22
Birthplace: Ganymede
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

General Appearance: The first thing you will notice about Tobias is obviously that half his face is missing. He has bionic implants and other bio-neural and technical devices embedded into a large titanium outer shell. In other words, he has a big titanium plate running from just right of his nose, all the way around to the back of his head with lots of gadgets in it. Due to this disfigurement, he rarely shows himself. When he actually goes out into public, he wears a bulky hooded cloak. Otherwise, he prefers to wear a t-shirt and jeans.

General Disposition: Usually distances himself from others. He is unusually calm under the gun, but he tends to react quickly; which sometimes puts him in some awkward situations. When possible, Tobias prefers close range combat, for it “gives him the full experience.”

Extra attributes and abilities: The biotechnical and bio-neural implants that go along with his metal plate boost his perception immensely. In his right eye he has telescopic vision, night vision, a high-tech heat-radar, and just plain ol’ seeing. He also has enhanced hearing as well.

Equipment: Semi-auto fire MP5 (with mini grenade launcher attached). Modified Pneumatic Impact Hammer; normally used by miners, Tobias has modified it to compensate for its slow reactions.

Story: Tobias had a troubled childhood, putting up with an abusive stepfather, and a drug addicted mother. His peers, at the time, had no idea of his home life. They just assumed he was a shy kid. When he was about fifteen, he got into drugs himself; nevertheless he became a dependant. He eventually joined a gang.
The gang called themselves the UnderDogz, and he was one of the top members. His ability to street fight and Kick box, earned him that place. One day when he was 17 a gang of space outlaws landed on his planet and eventually ended up getting in a rumble with them. Tobias was hospitalized with several gunshots to the head. The doctors took quick measures and "put humpty back together again".
After he recovered, and was released from the hospital, he decided to rethink his life. Eventually he found his way to a mechanic's shop. He learned to build things quickly, and found himself a job there. After three years of work, he had landed enough money to build himself a small gunship. Then was when he decided to become a space cowboy.

Tobias’ MONO gunship, The Ascension:
WT: 17.5 tons
Length: 20 yards
Wingspan: 15 yards
Engine: Nuclear fission reactor with twin frictionless Ion propulsion system
Weapons: Three 50-caliber machine guns, two mounted on the ends of each wing, and one mounted under the hull.