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Spike Spiegel(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Spike Speigel
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Hair: dark green
Eye: one brown, one redish-brown
Height: 185cm
Blood: O
Constellation: Gemini
Birthday: June, 26
Home: Mars

A cowboy who loves freedom

Like the cattle rustlers of the old west, Spike cherishes his freedom and the open expanses of space beyond civilization. He knows right from wrong, but that doesn't mean he follows society's rules. He's generally a carefree kind of guy, but there are three things that he absolutely despises: kids, pets, and tomboys.

Something in Spike's past connects him with Vicious, a top member of a ruthless criminal syndicate. The connection seems to revolve around a woman named Julia, but the exact details and the circumstances of their link are uncertain. Having skirted the border between life and death three years ago, he is left alive with a burning doubt, constantly questioning the distinction between truth and fiction. "I'm just watching a dream I never wake up from."

A formidable fighter, Spike practices the martial art of Jeet Kune Do, a hand-to-hand fighting style created by Bruce Lee. He takes his training very seriously and practices regularly.

Spike has a bit of a dirty mouth, but in the presence of a lady, he becomes an instant charmer. With those gentle eyes and reaffiming smile, how could you not trust this guy?

Most of the time Spike keeps his cool, but just below the surface boils a savage intensity. The moment the subject turns to people like Vicious and Julia, his face hardens and he is prone to lose his temper. When he snaps, no one can control him, not even his buddy and partner in crime, Jet.