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Before you Begin...

(from the owner)

Howdy and welcome to the Cowboy Bebop RPG. There are a few things you need to know before you start.

1. send me a bio via email. The format for bio's are in the files section. My email is send one to as well. Or you can just use the form below which is the format for the bio if you send it via email.

2. Join the OOC group. You may not post ooc stuff on the rpg board. Only owners and moderators can. OOC is for player OOC.

3. When your bio is approved, you may only post your actions. not the actions of others.

That's about it. ^_^ Enjoy!

-Kate the Stampede

Please check the characters page if you want to play a CB character or a character from another show. That way you know what's taken or not. Thank you.

Wanna submit now? Use the form below to fill in stuff about your character! ^^


If you get accepted by our wonderful owner then please send any pictures to and I will upload them, thank you! ^_^