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The Cowboy Bebop RPG

Cowboy Bebop RPG
Cowboy Bebop OOC board

This RPG was found by Kate Castillo aka: Kate the Stampede in July, 2001.

To your left you will see the links that take you to other parts of the site such as characters with their profiles and pictures, the current CBRPG news, info on the moderators and founder, and a forum for submiting a character with a list of the wonderful RPG rules.

PLEASE! Before you do anything head to the news section and find out what's going on. Thank you!

This website is best viewed with Internet Exploder (aka: Explorer) at 1024x768 resolution but can be view with Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, and AOL. I don't know about Opera because I don't have that on my computer but as far as my knowledge stretches it should be able to be viewed on it correctly enough. This website can also been seen with the standard 800x600 resolution, you just may not be able to see all that much of dear Spike at the bottom there.

Disclaimer: Cowboy Bebop is the property of Sunrise.
Cowboy Bebop RPG is © of Kate the Stampede, so don't steal or we will chase you with a large yellow squeaky mallet!