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Name: Lin. Just Lin. It's cool :)
Age: about 20, or 7 years younger than whatever age Spike currently is.
Species: Human
Height: About half a head shorter than Vicious.
Weight: Can't get him on a scale, keeps complaining it is of no benefit to the syndicate. Pretty buff. Assumed around 70kg.
Hair: Black, gelled back in spikes. Go tongari go!
Eye Color: Green. But I'm sure they're contacts.
Occupation: Hitman

Equipment: Lin uses a .38 Sig Sauer (identified by Stosh Da Man) in the anime; I have since allocated him the Benelli M3, as it is a most properly kickass shotgun, and, for long-range spraying of bullets, ARG, or Any Random Gun.

Story: (SPOILERS for sessions 12 and 13 and in fact a lot of stuff about Spike, Vicious and Julia)

Worked under Spike when he was younger in the Red Dragon, continued working in the Red Dragon under Vicious, extremely dedicated to ideals of honour and loyalty. Got shot for it *_*; even after he successfully solved internal/work conflict by putting Spike to sleep, thus saving Vicious the trouble of slicing Spike's head off and also saving Spike the trouble of having his head come off (messy, that). Here, since everyone in the anime assumes him to be dead, I drew a bead and will soon write a story where Lin does not, in fact, die.

In the stories I wrote for Lin in that time before Spike left the Red Dragon, Spike sees Lin as an innocent whom he cannot protect, since he has greater priorities (Julia, his own life, etc), which now makes JJ13 all the more agonizing for me to watch. Here is the story on FFN, Boy In Between: