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Kaylion Moonflet(Stephanie/Morado Shinigami)

Name: Kaylion Moonflet
Gender: female
Age: 24
Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 135lbs
Hair: sort of a medium blue, to the waist
Eye: gray
Birthdate: December 19th
Occupation upon arrival: thief

General Appearance: Her hair is usually pulled back in a braid or worn up with the help of a hair pin she stole at the begining of this RP in a museum. She wears black leather pants, a dark green shirt most of the time, and black boots. Her face appears to be delicate and her hands are long and slim and she walks in a seemingly graceful manner, almost like a cat. At some points she wears a cloak, just to hide her face and she uses it as a blanket on the Bebop. (*snicker snicker* XD)

General Disposition: Kay is usually cool tempered and even but given the right subjects and enough pushing she can snap. Be careful if you are around her when she snaps, she has an evil temper and she's plain nasty if you get on her "bad side". The subjects that usually get her are her past and any threat to the people she cares for. Kay sets others and the greater good before herself, it's something she was taught as a child.

Extra Attributes or Abilities: Kay has a cold glare that has sent shivers down many a person's spine. She can stare a person down no problem and she is known for looking someone in the eye and reading their thoughts, or their soul. It's an ability she aquired from her mother. Kay is also gifted with the ablity to sword fight. She was trained in it and has never once been defeated in battle, earning her the nick name "Undefeated" Kaylion Moonflet. She also knows some very good hand-to-hand combat moves that her father taught her.

Equipment: One semi-automatic pistol, and a sword with a hemitite and a symbol of wind on the hilt. The Sword has a very shabby looking brown leather scabbard that goes with it.

Story: To be brief, Kay's mother, Sahleina Blackstar, was the last of the Royal Family of Isidos (which has a long story). She died when Kay was eight of a disease given to her by the Red Dragons. These disease is passed on to Kay. Kay's father was Darrien "the Fleet" Moonflet, one of the most famous bounty hunters ever. Not one bounty ever got away from him. Kay lived with her father until she was 11, when she went off to sword fighting "school". There she studied to be a sword fighter. She met her best friend Lina and her x-boyfriend Scott there. When she was 19 her father died after her birthday, when he gave her the sword. Scott left her soon after and a year later she accidently killed her best friend Lina. Leaving the sword fighting industry she became a theif. Four years later she drops in unexpectedly on Spike... (There are some interesting twists in Kay's past revealed in the RPG, watch out for them.)

Other: Despite Kay's efforts not to get involved with people, she is devoted and protective toward the crew members of the Bebop. Jet is almost a replacement for her father, and Gina quickly became a new best friend. Kali she feels undeniably close to and tries her best to protect her. As for Spike, let's not go there, lest we arouse some bad reactions...