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Kalilah Kinneas(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Kalilah Kinneas
eye:darkest brown
hair:short and elf-like. plum colored.

General Appearance: Kali's usually casually dressed with teeshirts and jeans. She favors a black leather racing jacket and mulibuckled black leather boots. She has a shoulder holster and a pair of guns Spike had given her. Her favorite colors to wear are lavender and black.

General Disposition: She is a cheery gutsy girl with a lot of stamina! ^_^ She's not too hot with a gun, nor is she a great martial artist. She's just a young woman. She's pretty upbeat usually but the sudden thrust into the reality of Mars and the whole bounty hunting scene as well as the Dragons, has made her rather jaded and scared.

Extra Attributes and Abilities: She is a musician...not that it really does her any good. She's a fast thinker and a pretty good runner and climber. She has lots of common sense and can act on the fly. But as for weapon proficiencies or anythign like that, she has just about nothing. She knows a little Kung Fu.

Story: Kalilah is from Earth. She was a college student studying music composition and working as a bar back in a local bar in her home town of Victoria (where this rp really got movin ^_^) Her eight-year-old brother was kidnapped and put into a drug ring that was bought by Vicious. Kali found Spike and the Gang in her bar and asked them to help her. It so happened they were already on the case so they took her on the Bebop. Currently, she doesn't know if she wants to stay or go back home when she finds Felix her brother. A part of her likes space, this trip being her first time off of earth, but a part of her is too soft for hunting.

Other: Jet likes her. heh heh. But she thinks of him more as an older friend. Never as a boyfriend. "He's just too up there in years." It's possible that Spike looks at her as a little sister and she definitly looks up to him. She also views Kay and Gina as new family.