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Julia(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Julia
Sex: Female
Age: 27
Height: unkown
Hair: blonde
Eye: blue

It seems she looked after Spike when he was wounded, but no details are known. The story behind the words Spike has often said, "I've already died once," has come out, but it seems that Julia is evidently involved in the incident. Julia is Spike's old lover, but she evidently had relations with Vicious as well. Three years ago, following some sort of falling out between Vicious and Spike, she dissapeared, and her whereabout have been unknown ever since. She was seen two years ago on Callisto, but after that, she dissapeared again. She showed up at the Bebop a bit ago and her and Spike ran off to do some unfinished business concerning the Red Dragons and Vicious. In the end they both had to flee from Vicious, but Julia was shot and killed.