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Jet Black(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Jet Black
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Hair: black
Eye: blue
Height: 188cm
Blood: A
Constellation: Serpent
Birthday: December 3rd
Home: Unknow

Ballad of an ex-cop

He's Spike's partner and a former ace investigator in the ISSP(the interplanetary police force). Back when he was in the ISSP, he injured his arm so badly that he had to have it replaced by a cybernetic limb. The accident forced Jet to retire from the ISSP, but he still uses his connections he built in his days as a cop to help Spike track down bounties. On the police beat, he was know simply as "Black Dog".

Jet has a strong sense of duty, and is quite stubborn, but he's also softhearted and old-fashioned, in contrast with the cool facade that Spike puts up. A man of extensive knowledge, Jet's hobbies include tending to his bonsai, cooking, gambling, and reading. His favorite kind of music is jazz and his favorite musician is saxaphone great Charlie Parker.

A handy mechanic, Jet is adept at maintaining and renovating machines. Originally a fishing vessel, Jet bought the Bebop secondhand and renovated it into what it is today. Now he spends far too much time repairing Spike's modified racing craft, the Swordfish II.

A good counter to Spike's devil-may-care attitude, Jet is the only man that Spike, a lone wolf, will trust. They bicker constantly like an old married couple, but when it comes to business, they're always pros.

Jet uses his connections in the police force to gather information about bounties and conduct negotiations. His duties inclue being Spike's back-up man and relaying him instructions and advice from his station on the Bebop, in addition to less sexy routines such as cooking and repairs.