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Glaive Blake(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Glaive Blake
Age: 28
DOB: March 15
Ht: 5’10”
Wt: 200 lbs
Eyes: Bluish green
Hair: Chin length, slightly layered. Black with the occasional gray streak.

General appearance: Glaive is looks like he’s twenty one in his twenty nine year old body which has led to various nick names such as “kid” “boy” “Kiddo” or his all time favorite “bitch.” Glaive can usually be seen in a black pinstriped zoot suit with a spiffy fedora. He keep his shoes shined and his circle dark sunglasses gleaming. To Glaive, appearances are almost everything. First impressions are everything. He usually keeps his hair back in a loose pony tail a the base of his neck and wears a silver small hoop on his left earlobe. His casual wear consists of loose fitting jeans, tennis shoes, a wife beater and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up. He also sports a metal arm like Jet’s but his is right arm. He lost it during the Jupiter Moon wars.

General disposition: Glaive is….heh…Glaive is quiet and shy. In his head he’s got a sharp tongue, but truth be told, he rarely uses it. He’s not quite bungling but it’s true what his last boss said. “you’re just not criminal material.” He is very sly and very sneaky but he is also sensitive and sometimes clumsy. He’s a lover, not a fighter. But he takes the fighter roll when he has to. Especially for the ladies. He’s also got a bit of a potty mouth and a slight temper. When crossed, he lives up to the fighting Irish stereotype. That’s not to say he wins all the time, though.

Extra attributes and abilities: He is a moderate fighter and an excellent flyer. He can hot wire just about anything and is a pretty good thief. Hence the sneakiness. He can play the tenor saxophone with an uncanny ease and grace. His music hints to his native Irish culture but holds a deep deep blues jazz early nineteen hundreds feel. Music like he’s seen better days but can’t remember them well.

Equipment: one motorcycle, old school harley he swiped from a biker bar off of Io. One tenor sax in form fitted case slung to his back. One light pistol.
Beretta 84FS "Cheetah”
Light Pistol
Firing Mode: Semi-automatic
Ammuntion: .380 Auto
Operation: Blowback
Action: Double/Single
Safety: Ambidextrous with decocker, slide-mounted
Sights: Fixed 3-Dot
Weight: 0.66 kg
Magazine Capacity:
13 rounds, double stacked
(thanks Captain AL)
He carries it in a shoulder holster. Couple of throwing knives.

Story: Glaive’s parents are part of the Irish mob. So Glaive’s been part of the Mob since before he could remember. He fought in the Jupiter Moon wars and got his arm blown off. All his life he was more of a lover and a thief than a fighter, to his parent’s dismay. They hoped he would someday take over the family business but Glaive picked up the tenor sax and loved nothing else. Unfortunately all he knew was mob life. So he wandered from sect to sect trying to get small time game but bungling big. Now, he’s a freelance bounty hunter on the surface but a starving artist at heart.