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Gina Trent(Melanie)

Name: Gina Trent
Alias: Bounty
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Blood Type: O
Ht: 5 foot 9
Eye: sliver
Hair: black
Occupation: bounty hunter/ bartender
Birth date: August 20th, 2052
Birthplace: Mars

General Appearance: Nicely built. Thin, but muscular. Dresses usually in low hanging blue jeans (low meaning to the hips) and a maroon tank top that is kinda tight but not too bad. Has black hair that stops at the middle of her back. Has a small computer port in the back of her neck and a computer- chip just below the bone of her skull. The information can be both downloaded and uploaded (once it has been put on the chip).

General Disposition: So her ego can be the size of Earth sometimes, but all together she isnít so bad. She is a very smart girl who likes to show up male bounty hunters. Will hurt whoever hurts her friends. Skills: She loves kickboxing and has been training from the first day she became a bounty the age of 16. Can hold her breath for a good period of time and work underwater with few flaws. Weaknesses: The chip causes blinding pain every once and a while.Questions her own abilities sometimes.

Equipment: Desert Eagle

Story: Gina was found on the streets at the age of five. She was adopted by a wealthy family who were killed when she was 14. After that she lived on the streets and became a bounty hunter/ illigal street fighter at the age of 16. Her trainer, Tim Addams, brought her with him to Venus when she was 18. Together they leased a bar which became one of the towns hot spots. At the age of 19 Tim tells Gina about a "medical research" program that is helping fighters inprove their speed so Gina goes to check it out only to have the port put into her head by the Red Dragon Syndicate. She finds out that her boyfriend, Tim, is with the Syndcate and has been training her to be up to what the Dragons want her to be. While she is still with Tim she meets many people from the Syndicate but none know of the port in her head, only high officals and Tim know. One of the people she meets is a blonde women named Julia, she tells Gina to get out while she still can. Julia told her about the good days before he died. Never did she say who "he" was only that he was one of the most amazing men she had ever known. So with Julia's words Gina runs..never telling Julia thank you or good bye, just telling her she'll come back for her one day. So now Gina, a.k.a Bounty keeps her head above water by bartending and bounty hunting...always running from the snippers of the Syndicate.