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Ed(Kate the Stampede)

Name: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky 4th
Sex: Female
Age: 13(self-styled)
Height: 136cm
Hair: red
Eye: amber
Blood: AB
Constellation: Sagitarius
Birthday: January 1
Home: Earth

Human being...or being from another world?

Ed was born on Earth, is 13 years old and self-styled. She lived alone for a long time in the ruins of the desolate Earth, and she chose her long-winded name all by herself. In fact, she picked "Edward" without even realizing that it's a boy's name. Ed seems to have some Latina blood in her. On Earth, she made her living by gathering junk items for scrap. She has an undauntingly sunny personality, but it's utterly impossible to figure out what she's thinking or how her mind works. Once in a while she'll come out with remarkable observations that surprise even Spike and Jet. Ed seems to perceive the world through feeling rather than logic. She has an amazing amount of knowledge and skill when it comes to computers and other machines, and is a true whiz when it comes to hacking. On of her biggest quirks is in how much she sleeps: roughly 12 hours each day. Sort of makes her more like a cat than a girl.

Ed handles everything from net linkups and wiring modifications, to setting up hardware. Her personal computer is a machine she made herself and it's small and convienient for her to take wherever she goes.

Ed seems to spend the most time with Jet and they have developed a rapport very similar to a parent and a child. It's rather amusing to see Ed ask questions at every opportunity with Jet trying to answer them all one by one.

Ed sleeps a lot! It she gets tired, she just falls right to sleep, anytime and anyplace. The way she walks around flapping her arms and legs, going wherever her mood takes her, makes her seem, quite simply, like a cat out of control. She likes to prance around the ship and play with Ein a lot. They get along rather well, like two animals in the same zoo.