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Have Your Say

Well, since I want to know your opinion on this site and how to make it better for you (since this site is all about helping out the RPGing cowboy), I made this page. Just fill out the form below, and hey, if you gave some great advice, pointers, or were just down right a good sport, I'll post your comment with my response to it. Thank you. ^^

Webmistress, Stephanie ^.~


The Comments

Name: James

[Hey James, thanks for commenting! You are the first one to do so! ^_^]


member: RPG Member?: No (Or at least not yet)

Was the site user friendly, meaning you got around alright? Yeah sure!

[Great! I'm glad to hear that from the first person to commment. ]

What'd you like about the site? It's overal style is nice. [Yay, that's good.]

Anything you didn't like? Lack of information, I say that because I think it would be a good idea to perhaps have a extra page that would help new players and people that haven't RPed this way for months or even years. Because you all know as well as I do how hard it is to remember everything that comes with these games. (Don't even get me started on the point system)

[You've actually pointed out quite a few things that I can take to the head hancho and talk about. Thank you so much! After you stated this I did start the "cowboy help" page. I do apologize about the lack of information. You caught this page at the beginning stages of it's life. But you helped out with it by pointing out what information I specifically needed to put up! Thank you!]

Any pointers on how to fix the above? Find someone with a little extra time and a lot of knowledge on the subject and put them to work. (Like a 15 year old on spring break or something)

[Lots of knowledge is no problem for any of us on the cbrpg team. It's time that is. Though I do believe I could ask CJ (our resident highschooler) and see if I can make him assitant web master or something like that. He's pretty good with html as well. ]

Is there anything you think I should add to the site? Oh, didn't see this spot! Anyway just read the above.

[Hai! Got it. ^.~ ]

General Comments: None for now, just keep up the good work and I'll be sure to check back with you all when you start up again.

[Hey thanks! Again, I appriciate you responding and putting in your comments! ~Stephie]