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Burton Antoine Williams-Alexander(CJ/Nomad)

Name: Burton Antoine Williams-Alexander
Nick Name(s): Biggs, Burt, Alex
Occupation: Mechanic and electronics expert
Age: 24
Birthplace: Ganymede
Height: 67
Weight: 280
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Silvery Blonde
Bounty: 120,000 Woolong

General Appearance: Big is one way to describe Burton. He stands 6 feet and 7 inches tall, and is built like a tank. His unusually dark blue left eye is just one of his many distinctive features. In sunlight, his silvery blonde hair shines brightly, giving him an almost angelical look. Although angelical is NOT a good way to describe him...

General Disposition: Silent but deadly; quite literally, actually. He usually keeps to himself, unless of course he wants something. He has a short temper, and when angered, he becomes very violent.

Extra attributes and abilities: Other than being extremely burly, he has little else going for him. He is, however, surprisingly adept in fixing things; both mechanical and electrical.

Equipment: Burton specializes in heavy arms, such as Hand Cannons, rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPGs), and Chain-guns.

Story: Burton was a normal child, or at least everyone thought so. He grew up in a modestly wealthy family, played baseball in a local league, and was somewhat popular. Of course, no one actually knew him. He felt an anger growing inside of him, for no apparent reason.
Soon into high school, a friend of his introduced him to the gang life. For the first time in his life, he actually felt like he fit in. Everything that they did seemed to calm the demon inside of him. When he was about 19, the gang he was in had a violent run in with a group of space outlaws. Shortly after that, the gang fell apart. Something inside of him snapped
Several years later he found himself in a Martian city, in a new gang. This one was a real one; called the Brotherhood. They were, and still are, significantly powerful, yet equally unknown. They are rumored to have ties with the Chinese Syndicate.