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Matt's Awesome Page...NOT!

Never let go...

Ranger, Ranger
I knew him not,
But I know he fought,
To keep me free,
From tyranny.
A fathers son.
Life's just begun.
And now he lies,
'Neath Arlington's skies.
-Eric Killian

Once again, updated, not QUITE done with the huge change version...Added 2 more poems, 1 thanks to Eric Killian, whom I must say is very excellent with words. Hmm, I wonder if anyone even comes to my site anymore?!?!?Added some lyrics under the Poetry section, thank you BWild!Added a link to what the new site's probably going to look like...

I've found a Miracle in you
A love to last a lifetime too
A friend who never lets me down
Someone who cares when I am around
More than words your actions show you care
You touch the deepest parts of me
I've dreamt of you my whole life through
I've truly found a miracle in you
You are my strength when I am weak
You give me courage when I have doubts
You lift me up when I am down
You always know just what to say
To make my world a better place
I've found a miracle in you
I know its you I truly Love, forever and a day
My dreams came true when I found you
You'll always be my truest love until the day I die
You see my dear my heart is yours
I'll always treasure you, Its certain
I've found a miracle in you

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