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In the beginning, there was SL1, famous sith lord and destroyer of all that stood in his way. He created his own brotherhood, and named it Brothers of the Sith. They were powerful warriors with the knowledge of the sith. He based his operations in Nar Shadda, a city full of crime and despair, a place of evil and cruelty. His brotherhood would consume the evil energy from the city and use it for their own purposes. When fifteen light jedi landed in the spaceport, they felt it immediately. SL1 sent HAPPYPUP and JediFore to deal with the jedi, knowing that they would easily eliminate them. It turned out that one of the jedi was a man named Anakin Skywalker. When HAPPYPUP and JediFore arrived at the spaceport, they attacked the jedi, and Anakin drew his crimson blade. But he did not fight HAPPYPUP or JediFore. Instead he turned on his comrades, destroying them instantly.
    In only a few minutes HAPPYPUP and JediFore returned with Anakin. He was a mightly Darth with powers surpassing that of SL1's third-in-commands. He instantly requested joining the brotherhood, and he was not turned down. He was given the rank of Darth, and immediately put to use against the light side, journeying across the galaxy to destroy them. In a matter of months he had eliminated half the jedi. The council of the Jedi saw him as a major threat, and immediately decided to eliminate him. But a lone Senator Palpatine decided it was not to be so, and Anakin suddenly disappeared from the brotherhood. He was seen murdering millions of potential jedi, and battling with all of the masters. The loss of Anakin was a great loss, but BOTS survived.
   In the meantime BOTS had created an ally, DotS, the Demons of the Sith. They were small at first, but they soon grew into a large clan of evil. SL1 had many quarrels with their leader, even declaring war on them for a short while, but then was settled down by his new Darth, Splink. He withdrew that, and was at peace with his allies. But DotS soon grew into a great enemy. They began trying to infiltrate their members into BOTS, but were almost completely denied access. Then the second in command of DotS, Karloth, succeeded in infiltrating BOTS. He dealt heavy damage, and many were lost, but BOTS sruvived. Except that JediFore had been lost in the struggle. That was a grave time for BOTS, and their leader SL1 had been injured. And then DotS made their move. They attacked BOTS full on, almost completely annihilating them. Darth Splink and HAPPYPUP managed to escape, dragging SL1 with them. Afterwards, SL1 and HAPPYPUP disappeared on a mission for justice. After two years, SL1 reappeared, though HAPPYPUP was not to be found. SL1 resurrected BOTS, vowing that he would never make such a mistake again. He once more placed his base in the Pliades star cluster, but this time on a hidden planet protected by the radiation of three surrounding stars and a nearby supergiant. Even now he is gone on missions to help rid the universe of all that would dare to harm him, along with all his followers.