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In the blink of an eye
You disappeared
I know not why
I was feared

You ran away from me
but more than me
it was your destiny
that you had to flee

You searched for me
in your poetry
it was a writing spree
you must agree

Papers covered in tears
you had to cease
it appears
it was a release

A release of me
A release of you
Making us free
as we never knew

Hidden these papers are
From prying eyes like mine
For to you they are a scar
But to me they are divine

Searching for years
I never gave up
finding the tears
I thought them a sup

I damned you to hell
where I thought you belonged
into a burning cell
where you were wronged

Then I found these papers
covered in tears
and I realized
you had cried for years

-=This poem is dedicated to true love=-