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My Love

i will always love you
you are my life
my soul
and no matter where i am
you are always there
-for me
there to help me through the troubles of my life
when i cry
your shoulder is the one wet with tears
when i fall
you are there to catch me
you are always there to share my joy
-and as long as you are happy, i am
i will go to the ends of the earth
-for you
for you i would give my life
-even if you were to love another
i cannot live life without you
without your smile
your taste
your touch
your very scent
-without you
without your being happy
i will die
-so love and live
i will be happy just knowing you are
maybe some day
i will tell you of my love
i wish
-i wish you
i wish you would love me too
i don't think i'll tell you
i don't know
i would not want you to feel bad
if you could not return my love
-if you didn't love me too
i'll keep this secret
-within my heart
my heart will be for you always
i will always be there
i will always love
i love you
- Thanks again Mel for an awesome poem *S*