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Him -?-

She sits up
and holds her breast
the pain runs deep
inside her chest

she is choking inside
head drunken with fear
she has lost all
that she has held dear

she hates herself
as she stares in the mirror
she pounds the wall
and grabs her gear

she paints her face
and puts on her clothes
wipes the tears
running by her nose

the day is done
tomorrow is another one

she gets home
decides to sleep
and wakes up to a
familiar beep

the phone had rung
a message was left
and it was from
her best friend

a friend who just wanted to talk
and have a chat
and so this girl
called back

as the phone was picked up
she started to cry
she told her friend
she wanted to die

her friend saved her life
that very day
for that young girl
had a gun stored away

and now this girl
knows she can live
all because of her friend
Thanks to Mel for this one; you're great! You didn't give me a title for it, so I just improvised until you can give me one ^_^.