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The Divine
What have we, men, done for her?
Have we created a society in which
compassion, appreciation, and union
became prime?

Or have we, in our fumblings,
produced a world of anguish, full of
indifference, analyzation, and separation,
where Mars reaches the zenith?

Does the focus of this "wonderful" age
lie, as it should, in
art, grace, and creation?

Or have we fallen into,
as it seems to be,
sciences, law, and destruction?

Is there entertainment,
in its purest form, that of
love, myth, and nature?

Or has mankind chosen,
the most masculine of all,
war, fact, and technology?

Truth be told, frighteningly so,
head comes before heart,
thoughts before emotions;

Venus seems lost,
and with it the most sacred;
The Feminine.
2004, July 23