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Black Hawk Down

"Black Hawk Down!" across the net came the cry
A wisp from the ground brought fire to sky
Two hundred heads turned in that moment so clear
Yet not a first thought their own lives' fear.
Pilot, soldier, sailor, crew
Hell's fire below meant nothing to you
Yet into the maelstrom only two could leap
Against oppression fury they would reap
I can still see them coughing against the desert sand
Fearing naught, an upraised hand
Gesturing towards the fallen, neither haughty nor proud
They disappeared quickly into the rising cloud
Nothing further could I offer, they doubtless knew
As towards the injured with wings they flew
Through smoke, through fire, and failing light
Two soldiers together entered a selfless night
They gave without asking
A reward never known
They sacrificed freely
And our brother came home.
Thank you.