mark so /composer.


mark so strongly embraces the phenomenon of the just barely audible,
taking up a broad palette of sound-producing devices (including glasses, stones)

- petra hedler, nordrhein-westfalen gazette.

there are often moments of great beauty ... but there are never moments of transcendence
as a listener, you are ineluctably in the present, wrestling with it

- madison brookshire, a shout in the street.

it simply made the listeners vulnerable
- richard cameron-wolfe.

/scores blog.
/artslant page.

/D-S 2,0 NEW COMPLAINTS. NEW REWARDS cassette by stuart krimko & mark so, with chris girard et al.
/D-S 1,0 Into the similarity of firmaments cassette by mark so.
/D-S 0,2 Immaterial: a collection of compositions by jason thomas.
/D-S 0,1 New complaints. New rewards (book/dvd) by stuart krimko & mark so.
/D-S 0,0 DARK INTERIORS/PLACES OF THE HEART cassette by mark so.

/CA21 mark so: And suddenly from all this there came some horrid music - cdr.
/mark so - a box of wind: Ashbery Series published by marfa book co.
/EWR 1404/05 west coast soundings (incl. segue by mark so) - 2 cd collection.
/MI01 mark so: Pale plumes of dullness - 2 audio cassettes.
/RI-5 READING ILLUMINATIONS/A BOOK OF PALMS by mark so - audio cassette.
/wm29 mark so: sitting and listening / patrick farmer: let's grasp it, naked as it is...under a storm of stones - audio cassette.
/BANGS book by mark so & manfred werder.

/TDR - The Drama Review 59/2 provocation: reading 'the recital' by john ashbery, with supplemental content.
/Wolf Notes #8 chapbook from compost and height.

/perspectives (3) : mark so interview with jennie gottschalk + additional media, at soundexpanse.
/conversation with participants in the collaborative 'artist theater program' + other performances from day 2 of at night the states at the hammer museum.
/brainchild part 3 collaborative project with kathleen johnson
/listening in/to the liminal lateral addition #12 includes an audio/transcript excerpt of my tape 'though we haven't read it, we know there is a script' made with a text by eileen myles
/traveling furiously toward you - john ashbery and the arts jacket2 web feature includes my ashbery pieces FARMs 1-3
/fact mix 316 : julia holter includes my tape TWO HOURS (side A)
/winter 2012 collaborative web project between adam fitzgerald, chris girard & mark so at onandonscreen.
/litany & windrows (john ashbery & mark so) on the experimental music yearbook, 2010.
/small preludes by christian wolff (mark so, piano) on the experimental music yearbook, 2009.

/brainchild: an otherwirdly ceremony on a simulated mars article by stuart krimko for kcet artbound.
/several iterations of spring article in the summer 2013 miami rail by stuart krimko.
/2011 and mark so's 'river' essay by casey anderson.
/just outside blog post on sound series at presents gallery #2 - lamb, overton, pisaro & so.
/uncommon knowledge: mark so's text scores essay by madison brookshire.
/a shout in the street blog by madison brookshire, with mark so appreciations V, IV, III, II, I.

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Mark So

Los Angeles, CA

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