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Things I loooove!
(in no particular order...)

Battle Angel Alita

Alita, "Gally" or "Yoko" is the sexy but dangerous cyborg grrl from the manga Battle Angel Alita. She's smart, sexy, and deadly, and will kill you 5 times before you hit the ground! Like scale=8

Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!!

I'm well aware of the target audience of this popular TV show, but vampires, sexy spike, raging lesbians? How can I say no??

Like scale=7

Lola Rennt

Lola Rennt or "Run Lola Run" is a german film about a young woman, Lola (Franka Potente) who must come up with 100,000 marks to save the life of her boyfriend, Manni. The movie is made up in 3 senarios, all with very different ending. The movie is fast paced, and you just can't deny the bad-assness of the German language!

Like scale=9

Sailor Moon

if this picture doesn't explain why I'm a sailor moon fan, then you're dimmer than I thought...look very carefully where everyone's hands are...grrr!

Interview with the Vampire

An amazing movie that's both sexy and distrubing at the same time, a good movie to watch at night with your vampire boyfriend...grrr!

Like scale=7

The Simpsons!!!

The simpsons, ahh, endless hours of hilarious comedy, and its on EVERY DAY! It's given me more joy than any other TV shows I like combined. If these pics don't tell you why I love the simpsons, then you suck!!!

Like scale=10

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

i dont even know where to start desribing this movie, well basically, a boy (hansel) from east Germany gets a botched sex change in order to marry out of the country. Since his surgery was botched, he was left with, well and "angry inch". In america he tries to follow in the footsteps of "her" musical influences, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, etc. He trains a boy "friend" to learn to play guitar and sing, but he hits it big, giving Hedwig no credit. So Hedwig forms a band and follow's "Tommy Gnosis" around on tour, trying to expose the fraud.

Transexuals? Germany? Glam Rock? You can't go wrong in this movie.

like scale=8