Tyya's Discription

Her eyes hidden by her long locks of blood red hair. What she is is of no concern to you..., her sharp double edged white fangs grace her soft kissable lips. She has a tattoo of a dragon on her lower back, just above her tail. She is a wild creature whom has fond peace in being alone. An animal of darkness she feeds at night, with razor like claws that could strike in a moments notice. Watching and Waiting for the perfectly right moment. Her eyes seem to turn from green to a pitch black and a glowing red at times which adds to her Dangerous but beautiful look. Wearing all black almost always, at times wearing tight leather pants and a small top that molds to the curves of her chest. At other times she is seen wearing a long black silk dress that rests on her as if it where water, flowing over every soft curve of her form, But mostly always wearing a small sleevless top and a flowing skirt that seeming to be made of silk with slits along the sides that show off her long silky legs at times.

Enter The Nightmare
~Tyya~ (c)
My Art

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